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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  July 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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break and he has the latest on the efforts to get it fixed. >> on that side of history -- side of the street, there is water. becauseno water here they are still waiting. they're the of the area where the water main break happened. it is a 20-inch water main they're breaking out. they plan to dig up a 10-inch line installed back in 1914, part of an approach to stay ahead of potential problems. broken asphalt and a huge hole, damage caused by the break in the 20-inch water main. >> baltimore city records show they installed as water main back in 1889. >> 1889?
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that was quiet and long time ago. >> as the city public works department works on fixing this, you never know when the line is going to explode. >> the problem may not happen again for another century. the water main break created chaos for some businesses and they remained sought -- shut for much of tuesday. >> the lady from the health department says we do not have water so we could not be open. we had to shut down. >> they shut you down? >> they shut us down. >> installing temporary pipes, they're working to get the water flowing to buildings. this manager said it was a perfect opportunity to offer a water main break specials. >> we have a lot of people just coming by to check it out.
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we're hoping to get extra business from the workers that are around here. the impact on transportation is tremendous. these are two major city blocks. traffic officers are trying to assist motorists 30 tours and changing water -- traffic problems. even rush-hour is a major concern. >> because of the traffic issue, we now want to go to roy taylor released 1911. what's going on with the traffic? >> as we show you live, the workers are working inside the hall. we checked the area out as far as
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there are other pipes just as all. the challenges to know which is the one that's going to go next and fix a system that has always been a top priority -- that has not always been a top priority. >> this transmission line under
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repair had been unearthed a revealing deep trouble of the city trying to fix it and avoid the disaster of a broken man. >> basically, the pipe is deteriorating rapidly. >> it is replacing these three sections of pipe? >> they lost a 20-inch water break at this key intersection. it was by no means unusual. breaking pipes are problems nationwide and reports earlier this year of the nation's aging infrastructure estimates $1 trillion will be required to update the nation's drinking water system until to thousand 35. >> there is not likely to be a federal solution for the problem. when it comes down to is water wave as we begin to reinvest in
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the system, so it is likely that the water rates will rise over time, significantly in some places. >> as we begin to reinvest in the system, it's likely that water rates will rise over time. significantly in some places. >> baltimore customers just aren't paying higher rates again this year. a replacement project is under way in the city has been looking at 5-miles of pipe each year and this year they will pick up the pace and step up the efforts to avoid what just happened downtown. experts say on average nationwide, there is 1,000 gallons of water we use and we pay about $3.75, relatively cheap considering how much we depend on our water supply. live downtown, jayne miller,
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wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can share your pictures and video on our website. download our free smartphone now than you can send pictures like this one to us. you can get the writ list of load closures on wbal-tv dot com. the economy has gotten weaker. this came from the federal reserve in a midyear report to congress. >> nikole killion is in washington with more on this. >> they were hoping for some kind of sign, but the only warning they got was a big question mark. wall street and washington hung on bernanke is every word. >> economic activity seems to has decelerated. >> translation? the economy is weaker. pointing to slowdowns in manufacturing, consumer
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spending and unemployment rate. >> it is frustrating and slow. >> few clues about another round of stimulus. >> we have not come to a specific choice at this point, but we're looking for ways to address the weakness in the economy. >> i wish we had a chairman of the fed that would say we are not doing anything else. i do not think that's my responsibility. >> that's a very political answer. >> given the political rally, mr. chairman, i'm afraid to say that this is the only game in town. >> the federal reserve board will probably take no action at the end of this month. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after being targeted for his
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business, bain capital, and his tax return, mitt romney is pushing back on president obama accusing him of making loan guarantees to alternative energy companies are run by obama backers and donors. the president is in texas and he is saying is policies will only benefit the rich. >> urging congress to step up the fight against human trafficking in the u.s. and overseas. >> today, an estimated 27 million will arrive. we call these children the victims of human trafficking. there from every ethnicity, nationality coming age group and they can be found everywhere. >> earlier this year, she started the organization, don't
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sell bodies. they fight for legislative changes about human trafficking and they also offer safe refuge. for 11-year-old daughter will low sat nearby today. >> johns hopkins hospital in the longer top dog. >> the new report ranking johns hopkins as the second best hospital in america. how the hospital is reacting. >> the prospect of this later in sports. >> another hot day today. the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. a good they'd be on the beach right now.
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>> john tompkinses falling in the ratings when it comes to being the best in america. -- johns hopkins falling in the ratings. they are now second it best in the house -- in the nation on rankings. >> this is a major data for the top hospitals in the country in this year, a shocker. for 21 years, they held the no. 1 ranking in the u.s. news and world report best hospitals less. this year, massachusetts general takes top prize. >> there is always next year. this is as close to a photo
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vintage as you can get. this is tipped the balance. it was very close. >> despite the rankings, they want to be the very best. >> they want to provide the finest patient care available. that's what we do here. that has not changed today. it's the same as yesterday, the week before, the airport. >> nursing staff and physician specialists say massachusetts general beat them out because they had 16 nationally ranked specialty programs to hopkins's 15. what does this mean in the scheme of things? massachusetts as economic development says this will not hurt hopkins a bit because there
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are a global leader. >> they are a global brand and they are very lucky. >> 1 ranking will not change the solid reputation of this institution. a major contributor to the states' economic progress. >> they employ tens of thousands of people. just remember research does well when it comes to the biotechnology industry. it's bigger than just health care. it's biotech, says. it's johns hopkins. >> they will look at the data and see if the magazine used a different methodology. they say they look for the next year but they will keep doing what they do. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> he was a baltimore city
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police officer for 30 years and last night he was one of the very first african-americans to receive the congressional medal for being one of the first african-american marines. he was very highly respected in the force. >> i wanted to say thank you for all you've done, for the city of baltimore and the united states of america. [applause] >> caesar the baltimore city police department from 1954 until 1987. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> 100 degrees this afternoon but we did not break the record,
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101, but still pretty impressive. 99 now. cooling off a little bit at the airport. one thing that is better, the dew point has come down a little bit. it is in the low to mid 50's. it had a really tropical feel to it. the minute he has come down just a little bit, but 100 degrees is still 100 degrees. this will inch its way down towards us. this one will not be into maryland until thursday. we will stay in this air mass for a while. it will make a big air mass transition right there and we could wind up with some bumpy weather. severe thunderstorms could be possible and we will be in that zone into the early afternoon and evening hours tomorrow.
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clear skies and maybe a few high, thin clouds. not terribly monday above 80 degrees in the city. any little bit closer tomorrow. he's been a struggle been drifting down into maryland. those storms developing there will eventually make it down into baltimore. they will begin some wind gusts possible over 50 miles per hour. for the most part, hot, hazy sunshine between 95-100. he index between 100-105. it will take awhile for the
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front to get here. , but the chance for thunderstorms in the forecast on thursday. the rain is not necessarily bad news. we need rain. friday, saturday, and sunday, humidity down and temperatures below average. overnight lows looking good and it's going to be a nice weekend. from the susquehanna banks sports center. >> there is no denying the birds. a shot in the first.
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tonight, here is the way it went. right now, few options other than maybe back to the minors. looking promising. mechanical changes. what changes must come? what about punishments? ncaa president last night left open the possibility of handing
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out sever sanctions. >> this is completely different than a scandal like at smu or else we've delalt this is a systemic problem. this is more than a football scandal. from ap, they will respond to the ncaa's demand for information to decide if they should face penalties.
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21 pounts, 8 assists per game. hard to believe he got so big so fast that the knicks would let him go, but the salary cap. >> next, a look at the 7 day forecast.
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only at denny's. when its continuing coverage of the water main break. starting to take stock of the financial impact. this could be an early sign of mental decline. what resistors are saying about alzheimer's disease. that muc
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what's another hot day tomorrow making it up to 98 or 99. wednesday night and thursday, possibly some strong storms coming in the area, but a nice weekend with low humidity. >> thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news at" is next. having nice night.
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see you back here at 11.
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